Monday, February 11, 2013

Tips for Instinctive Bow Shooting

instinctive bow shooting
If you’re looking to be great at instinctive bow shooting like Howard Hill or Byron Ferguson, I've got a few tips that will get you well on your way to achieving their with instinctive shooting. Some things that can help you achieve a dramatic increase in accuracy and precision are: using a proper nock point, developing and using consistent and proper form and also determining and using your dominant eye. After using some of the tips I’m about to mention, you’ll start to realize that everyone has the ability to maintain accuracy with instinctive shooting.

If you've been facing some accuracy issues when trying to practice instinctive bow shooting it may be because you’re not using a proper nock point. When you’re nock point varies, your shots are going to vary as well. By using consistent equipment, you’ll be ensuring that your shots are landing right where you want them to, every time. Another reason why you want your equipment to stay consistent is because it will allow you to develop a proper feel for your bow. Now that you know the importance of maintaining consistent equipment, let’s move on to proper form.

Every professional archer will tell you that instinctive bow shooting is all about fluent motions. Developing a proper flow of motions will allow you to stay familiar with targets at varied distances and in varied conditions. You will be much more accurate as your body will be comfortable with executing the shot. This is a necessity when you’re dealing with moving targets, such as when you’re hunting. Let’s take your accuracy even further by developing a proper aiming technique.

In order to hit those tricky shots every time, you must be using your dominant eye. You can determine which eye is dominant by taking your finger and pointing to an object in the distance. Close each of your eyes alternately. One eye will show your finger slightly to the left of the object you’re pointing at and the other eye will show your finger in the same position. The eye that shows your finger in the same position is considered to be your dominant eye.

Now that you know some of the concepts behind instinctive bow shooting, it’s time to get out there and start having some fun! You’ll be surprised by how much your accuracy will increase just by using a proper nock point, executing fluent motions and using your dominant eye. So, get out there and put these tips to use!

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