Monday, February 11, 2013

Bow Hunting Tips

bow hunting tips
If you’re a new hunter and you’re looking for a few bow hunting tips, you absolutely need to read this article! Hunting with a bow is an experience that can’t be matched by using firearms, and you’ll feel much more of an accomplishment when you bag your first game. There are just a few things that you need to keep in mind when you’re planning your first trip. Using a few of the tips I’m about to go over, you’ll be able to make your first hunting adventure a memorable and exciting event.

One major mistake that a lot of new hunters make is using a bow that they’re not comfortable with. It’s not a good idea to go out and hunt on a bow that you haven’t spent a significant amount of time with. When you know your bow in and out, you’ll be much more consistent with your shots, you’ll know how exactly how to adjust your aim on the fly and you’ll be prepared for surprising opportunities that you have gone wasted if you were using a bow you weren't familiar with.

One of the best bow hunting tips you'll come across is using effective practice, I’m not just talking about shooting the same target over and over! You need to be practicing at varying distances with multiple target sizes. By being familiar with how to adjust your aim at multiple distances for different sized targets, you can avoid making a shot that can potentially harm an animal rather than kill it. It can also be the difference between having a successful kill and spooking away your potential dinner.

A lot of new hunters lack one of the most significant bow hunting tips; patience! Yes, I know that you’re eager to get out there and get your first kill, but there’s no such thing as a good impatient hunter. You don’t always want to take a shot at the first opportunity you see, you should be waiting for the absolute best shot you can get, and if your potential dinner happens to get away, that’s okay too. Your main concern here is that you don’t want to take a shot that’s going to harm the animal and leave them wounded. You want to be making a shot that is going to kill them very cleanly and quickly. Don’t get discouraged, though. A lot of hunters don’t bring anything back on their first trip.

So, in short you need to be hunting with a bow that you know like the back of your hand. It should be a bow that you have been using for at least 6 months. You’re going to need to be practicing at varying distances and target sizes prior to your hunting trip and you’re going to need to be patient! Using these bow hunting tips you’re certain to have a successful hunting season that you will enjoy.

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